The Schedule ~ Get to Class!

B.A.S.E.Fit specialities include strength training, functional training, core conditioning, cardio-conditioning, cardio-kickboing & TRX.  Certified in both Yoga & Pilates, exercises from both are incorporated into the workouts, focusing on proper alignment, neutral spine and breathing to keep the core engaged throughout each exercise/movement. 

Classes also include indoor cycling to improve outdoor riding skills, focusing on speed, endurance, power, strength, lactic acid training and threshold training.

All of the classes inorporate the four elements of the b.a.s.e. workouts ~ balance, agility, strength & endurance.  Personal training and small group training sessions are available in Marin on Sundays.

6:05(am) Marin JCC
Total Body
 Marin JCC
Cycle Strength
6:30(am)SF Bay Club
BOSU Boot Camp
7:45(am)      Small Group training (5-8 people)  Email for Sign Up Info
8:30(am)   Dojo
Skills & Drills
9:30(am)     Private Training available by appt only 9:30-10:30(am) or later in the day by advance request 
11:45(am)   Pelo Cycle  11:15(am) -Small Grp Training Starts April 15th.  Email for sign up info
4(pm)JCC SF
Total Body Conditioning
Total Body Conditioning
Total Body Conditioning
6:15(pm)Bay Club Marin