Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sundays @ 7:45(am) ~ BASE outdoor workouts starting in February

Folks - starting in February - the 5th to be exact, we are heading outdoors for the B.A.S.E. workouts.  We kick off on Sunday, February 5th and have 2, possibly 3 remaining spaces left for Sunday mornings.  These workouts will incorporate TRX, weights, bands, balls and body weight exercises.  All you need to bring is your yoga mat, I will provide everything else.  Email me at if you are interested in joining and would like more information. 

~ Amy

Sunday, January 8, 2012

HIIT Workout from 1/7/12

As promised, here is the workout we did yesterday morning. Enjoy the ride!

Warm Up - 7 minutes
Ride w/ HR @ 80% of MHR - 4 minutes

HIIT Intervals
FR - 30/30 - 3xs
WFR - 30/30 - 3xs
SI - 30/30 - 3xs
FR - 60/60 - 3x
WFR - 60/60 - 3x

Active Recovery w/ Pyramid Climb for 6 songs - SI, MLH, MH, MHH, HH, MHH, MH, ML, SI

Finish w/ Flat Road Stretch - 4 minutes

b.a.s.e.Fit is moving outdoors ~ get lean, get energized, get strong!

The weather has been AMAZING ~ seriously, AMAZING!  I had planned to wait until spring to launch the outdoor boot camp, but the weather is really allowing us to explore doing this earlier in the year.

I am launching an outdoor bootcamp early Saturday/Sunday mornings (yes, get it done early so we can all get out and enjoy the weekend) and two evenings a week (this schedule is pending, but I suspect we are looking at Tuesday/Thursday evenings).

These workouts will incorporate: weights, body weight, TRX, plyometrics & short bursts of intense cardio.   Boost energy levels and blast fat with these workouts.  You will hit your goals whether they be weight loss, strength or increasing energy levels.  

Classes are limited to 6 people (we need 4 to have classes) and are $12 per person. 

Workouts are in San Anselmo:  Email me @ for signup, locations and schedule.

Get outside and enjoy this weather!


Friday, January 6, 2012

Official Day 5 - 21 Day Sugar Detox

Wow - the week is flying by.  It feels like I was launched into the new year.  I had hoped that I would be the one choosing the direction of the leaping...sometimes life gets in the way!
 I wanted to recap my official first week of the 21-Day Sugar Detox since many of you know that I am a convert from a primarily grass-eating vegan moving towards a grass-fed white meat eating gal.  I will very soon post why I started eating meat on this blog and my journey to better health, but,  if you want to read more, check out my other blog @  where I blog about the mayhem that is my life sometimes.

Because of my crazy schedule, I opted for smoothies all week long for breakfast.  I made them the night before, froze them and then take them out at 4(am) when I get up and they are thawed by the time I am in the office at 9(am).  Everything has to be simple and fast or it doesn't work with my schedule.  Surprisingly the smoothies are good.  I think that the 1/2 frozen barely ripe banana masks some of the ingredients that I might not like so much.

I had cut up lots of vegetables over the week as snacks to have with guacamole - cucumbers, carrots, jicama, celery.  I also had coconut chips (seriously, I love these way too much - dangerous) and kept almond butter on hand (freshly ground from WF) - 1 tsp does the trick for me.

Lunches were generally egg-veggie scramble w/ either salad topped with avocado or sliced grilled chicken over lettuce and lots of shredded vegetable topped with guacamole (I am really into avocados at the moment).  Again, for me it has to be simple for me to be successful.

Dinners gets challenging because I am also cooking for my kids.  I have to generally start with a snack for myself while I prep dinner as I am usually hunger and have to avoid eating their food or overeating.  This has been full of mishaps from issues from vomiting to negative food sensitivity reaction, too bad sleeping from eating too late to trying recipes that bombed.  Each week I am making greater strides at getting better - but even cooking chicken is sometimes challenging for me as I am new to meat cooking.

Yesterday was actually the first day that I did not crave fruit - perhaps I am over that hump.  What hasn't changed yet is the overwhelming exhaustion I feel and the digestive issues.  I keep on moving around how I eat and what, but one thing is certain - the two smoothies that are part of the 21-Day Sugar Detox are permanent keepers - filling, yummy without the sugar spikes I get from my normally fruit loaded smoothie.   I wish I could nap midday, but no such luck.  I will continue to make adjustments and starting next week, I will go back to posting pictures and adding recipes.  This week was completely nuts with work and I feel a bit shell-shocked.  Thank goodness for the Spirulina added to my smoothies to keep me going.

For those of you who are doing the 21-Day Detox with me, I would love to hear how you are all doing and what has worked well for you.

~ Amy

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Finding inner motivation & drive...sometimes it's hard

It is the New Year, a time where folks are feeling energized and excited and ready to tackle their New Year's Resolutions, I am...well, for lack of a better word, bored.  I need a new challenge and I don't mean teaching challenge, I mean something that is just about me and my own goals.  Something that is going to force me to step it up a notch.  I need something that is a swift kick in the butt and is going to make me work until I feel as though I have given 150%.  I am going where so many have gone before ~ heading on over to our local Crossfit.  Sure, I won't ever train members where I teach to do Crossfit, but that doesn't mean that I can't embrace it.  That doesn't mean that I shouldn't push myself to be stronger, fitter, leaner...maybe a little meaner (in the good sort of way) - why not, I am already working on the eating cleaner.

I don't ever want to get too comfortable with life.  I don't want to lose my passion and excitement for what I love most - fitness/nutrition.  I want to continue to challenge myself to excel and become a better me in every way. 

Stop and think about your motivations, your goals and your purpose.  When you have one of these every time you set foot into a gym or start your workouts, say it to yourself and you will have a more effective workout.  It doesn't have to be grand, one more push-up a week or perfecting my squat or even staying for the stretch portion to increase flexibility.  Don't worry if you don't have the best day - tomorrow is another day!

Make small changes every single day.  If you are new to exercise, start with 15 minutes a day and add another 5 minutes each day.  Keep it simple.  Follow some of my workouts.  Clean up your diet a little bit each week.  If you set small, attainable goals, you have a greater chance of success.  If you drink diet soda, swap it for water infused with lemon or lime.  Soda, diet or not, has sweeteners which spike insulin levels and cause you to gain weight/store fat.  Look in your kitchen and count how many food items you come from a box, can, jar or package.  Can you possibly swap some of those out (just to start) with food from their natural sources? 

Have questions, there is now a Community Questions Box on my blog.  Feel free to use it often.

Remember, even trainers/fitness instructors fall down, have bad days, cheat, lack motivation, get bored, get too busy...but we approach each new day as an opportunity to start over again and be better.

~ Amy

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tips for Success ~ 21-Day Sugar Detox

I started the 21-Day Sugar Detox a week early to test out food portions, recipes, snacks, etc as I know how planning is the key tom success.  I work full-time, teach @ 3 different gyms, commute about 3 hours per week, have two kids, am trying to launch a new business and do all of the food planning for our family.

If you haven't downloaded your copy yet, download now @ and be sure to enter your email address as Diane updates the manual throughout the program and you will receive an updated manual and supplement via email.

Here are my tips:

(1) Take Diane's food list and be realistic about what you will actually eat when you grocery shop.  Trying a bunch of new meat recipes may lead to becoming discouraged and frustrated when the food doesn't taste the way that you hoped.  Take her list, pick the foods you know that you like or will eat and shop from that list.  After week 1, you can get creative if you'd like, but learn from me.  I made about half the recipes in Diane's manual and tossed out about 6 of them as I just couldn't stand the taste.

(2) Keep it simple - seriously folks, keep it really simple.  The easier it is, the easier it will be to stay on track.  We used Romaine lettuce in lieu of tortillas, bread, etc for just about all of the meat dishes and all were tasty.  I cut up lots of fresh vegetables - carrots, jicama, celery, broccoli, celery, etc. for dipping in fresh guacamole.  Add meat to really big salads (I didn't do this well test week 1 and I will definitely do next week).

(3) Watch portion sizes - for every meal, 2/3rd should be vegetables and the 1/3 should be protein & fat.  Watch the fat as it should be about 10% of your meal.  I made the mistake of too much fat in week one and it did not sit well with my stomach at all.  I am making some bigger changes this week.

(4) Eat when you are hungry, but don't let yourself get to the point where you are starving.  I made this mistake last week as well.  I am used to keeping fruit and nuts in my bags as quick snacks - which I didn't do this week.  On those days where I was out running errands, etc I went way too long without eating and then ate way too much when I was able to get to food.  I will plan better for this week.  If you know that you are someone who needs to eat 6 small meals, do that - but keep them small.

(5) If you have a crazy schedule and don't get home until later in the evening and know that you won't be eating until 7(pm) or later, make this your lightest meal - maybe salad topped with grilled chicken and sliced avocado.  I made this mistake as well and when it was time for bed, I was incredibly uncomfortable.  I will make this adjustment this week and eat lighter in the evenings as I am not able to eat before 7:30(pm) most evenings due to commute and the kids.

(6) Get some exercise every single day and try to exercise early - WHY?  The endorphines set the tone and your mood for the day.  Also, it sets your metabolism for the day.  It also results in you eating less over the course of the day...yep, it's true.  Be sure to subscribe to this blog as I am going to upload a video later in the week that shows how you can use what you have in your own home right now to use to be able to do a complete workout in your own living room. Set our alarm 30 minutes earlier and don't listen to ANY excuses that may enter your head.  Start small if you don't normally exercise - 15 minutes day one and add 5 minutes each and every day thereafter.

(7) Plan to fall asleep earlier than usual.  Holy smokes folks, this was a big change for me.  If I didn't shower by 8(pm), there were problems for me as my body basically shut off between 8:45/9(pm) all week.  I feel asleep no matter where I was - even sitting at the table in front of my computer.  I have a 4(am) wake up time, so falling asleep at that time is probably a great idea. 

Stay tuned for more tips and posts during the official kick-off to the 21-Day Sugar Detox which stats tomorrow!

Get ready to be a better and healthier you in 2012!
Happy New Year Everyone

~ Amy