Friday, January 6, 2012

Official Day 5 - 21 Day Sugar Detox

Wow - the week is flying by.  It feels like I was launched into the new year.  I had hoped that I would be the one choosing the direction of the leaping...sometimes life gets in the way!
 I wanted to recap my official first week of the 21-Day Sugar Detox since many of you know that I am a convert from a primarily grass-eating vegan moving towards a grass-fed white meat eating gal.  I will very soon post why I started eating meat on this blog and my journey to better health, but,  if you want to read more, check out my other blog @  where I blog about the mayhem that is my life sometimes.

Because of my crazy schedule, I opted for smoothies all week long for breakfast.  I made them the night before, froze them and then take them out at 4(am) when I get up and they are thawed by the time I am in the office at 9(am).  Everything has to be simple and fast or it doesn't work with my schedule.  Surprisingly the smoothies are good.  I think that the 1/2 frozen barely ripe banana masks some of the ingredients that I might not like so much.

I had cut up lots of vegetables over the week as snacks to have with guacamole - cucumbers, carrots, jicama, celery.  I also had coconut chips (seriously, I love these way too much - dangerous) and kept almond butter on hand (freshly ground from WF) - 1 tsp does the trick for me.

Lunches were generally egg-veggie scramble w/ either salad topped with avocado or sliced grilled chicken over lettuce and lots of shredded vegetable topped with guacamole (I am really into avocados at the moment).  Again, for me it has to be simple for me to be successful.

Dinners gets challenging because I am also cooking for my kids.  I have to generally start with a snack for myself while I prep dinner as I am usually hunger and have to avoid eating their food or overeating.  This has been full of mishaps from issues from vomiting to negative food sensitivity reaction, too bad sleeping from eating too late to trying recipes that bombed.  Each week I am making greater strides at getting better - but even cooking chicken is sometimes challenging for me as I am new to meat cooking.

Yesterday was actually the first day that I did not crave fruit - perhaps I am over that hump.  What hasn't changed yet is the overwhelming exhaustion I feel and the digestive issues.  I keep on moving around how I eat and what, but one thing is certain - the two smoothies that are part of the 21-Day Sugar Detox are permanent keepers - filling, yummy without the sugar spikes I get from my normally fruit loaded smoothie.   I wish I could nap midday, but no such luck.  I will continue to make adjustments and starting next week, I will go back to posting pictures and adding recipes.  This week was completely nuts with work and I feel a bit shell-shocked.  Thank goodness for the Spirulina added to my smoothies to keep me going.

For those of you who are doing the 21-Day Detox with me, I would love to hear how you are all doing and what has worked well for you.

~ Amy

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