Sunday, January 8, 2012

b.a.s.e.Fit is moving outdoors ~ get lean, get energized, get strong!

The weather has been AMAZING ~ seriously, AMAZING!  I had planned to wait until spring to launch the outdoor boot camp, but the weather is really allowing us to explore doing this earlier in the year.

I am launching an outdoor bootcamp early Saturday/Sunday mornings (yes, get it done early so we can all get out and enjoy the weekend) and two evenings a week (this schedule is pending, but I suspect we are looking at Tuesday/Thursday evenings).

These workouts will incorporate: weights, body weight, TRX, plyometrics & short bursts of intense cardio.   Boost energy levels and blast fat with these workouts.  You will hit your goals whether they be weight loss, strength or increasing energy levels.  

Classes are limited to 6 people (we need 4 to have classes) and are $12 per person. 

Workouts are in San Anselmo:  Email me @ for signup, locations and schedule.

Get outside and enjoy this weather!


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