Friday, February 10, 2012

Teaching Schedule

Wow ~ sometimes time just gets completely away from me.  I had committed to posting a few times a week and that hasn't been happening.  My class schedule is starting to evolve and expand a bit, so here it is for the upcoming week:

7:45(am) B.A.S.E. Workout6(am) - Total Body (Marin JCC)6(am) - Cycle (Marin JCC)6(am) - Total Body (Marin JCC)9(am) Body Sculpt (Dojo)6(am) - Cycle Strength (Marin JCC)Not Teaching
 4(pm) - S&S (JCCSF)5:30(pm) - Kick It (SFBC)4(pm) - S&S (JCCSF) 4(pm) TBC (JCCSF) 

The Sunday workouts are open to anyone who wants to join us, but is capped at 8 people.  Email me if you are interested in joining us.  Plan to arrive @ 7:30(am) to warm up/stretch with the full blown workout starting at 7:45(am) until 8:30(am).

For the time being, I will be subbing out my Saturday morning spin classes at the Marin JCC so I can spend some time focusing on my own workouts and programming.  Be on the lookout for changes coming to the above schedule soon. 

Starting in March, I will be added to the morning schedule at the SF Bay Club.  More details once that schedule is solid.  In March the Thursday class @ The  Dojo in San Anselmo will shift to 8:30(am) and will be a 45 minute strength workout. 

Also, we are changing the name of the 4(pm) classes at the JCCSF to better mirror the class and set it apart from similarly named classes.  Don't worry, the workouts will be the same, just the workouts will change. 

Looking forward to seeing you all in class soon!

~ Amy

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