Friday, December 23, 2011

21 - Day Sugar Detox Starts January 2nd - Join the Group!!!

b.a.s.e.Fitters!  2012 is just around the corner and one of my top goals is a cleaner diet (yes, I am far from perfect and continue to be a work in progress). 

I am so excited to announce that a group of us will be doing the 21-Day Detox from Balanced Bites.  21 Day Sugar Detox - download your copy and join us today.  Diane's book has recipes, tips and she will provide you with emails to support and keep you focused on your goal.

If you are local, follow the program and come workout with me. Strength is in numbers.  I will hold you accountable. Your friends will hold you accountable.  You will hold yourself accountable.  Not local?  Don't let that stop you, discourage you or give you an excuse not to participate!  I will be posting regular body weight workouts that you can do in your own home...NO EXCUSES!  Got kids, guess what ~ put on some music and let them dance around while you do my workouts.  Got a job?  So do the rest of us!  Set your alarm earlier, get up and commit to starting your day with my workouts.  Everyone loves a good endorphin rush to kick off the day.

I teach classes 6 days a week and offer personal training sessions 4 days a seriously folks ~ no excuses!

Click on the link above and get ready to hit the ground running in 2012!

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