Sunday, December 25, 2011

The 600 Rep Workout!

Merry Christmas b.a.s.e.Fitters!  This is a festive day for most and includes lots of tasty treats, delicious Christmas Dinner, alcoholic drinks and decadent desserts...we all want to indulge (at least to some degree) in these tasty treats.  Make those indulgences a little easier by getting in a workout early.

The 600 Rep workout is one of my favorites.  You have 10 exercises @ 30 reps each and you repeat a total of 2 times to hit the 600.  Only allow yourself to recover for 2 minutes after the first time through and then again at the end.

Get dressed, put on some music and even grab your kids (if you have young kids like I do, they will love doing this workout with you).  Don't forget to spend about 8-10 minutes warming up, getting the heart rate up, stretching a bit...which you should do before any workout.  Don't forget to cool down and stretch @ the end too.

The Workout

1. Jump Lunges
2. Dive Bomber Pushups (make it harder by taking opposite knee to opposite elbow when you come back to the start).
3. Hindu Squats
4. Mountain Climbers
5. V-Ups
6. Single leg Squat Jumps (if you can't do single, do both, if single 15 on each side)
7. 3 Series Pushups (wide hands/narrow feet, medium width both, narrow hands/wide feet - alt all 3 don't do 10 of each in a row)
8. Side Plank with Knee Crunch (15 on each side)
9. PopUps
10. Reverse Plank with Glut Lift (keep core enganged and don't let the butt hit the floor).


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