Friday, December 23, 2011

Tabata Timer Workout!

I LOVE Tabata Timer workouts!  They kick my butt every single time I do one of them.  I love the puddles of sweat on the floor.  Anyone can do the workout because you can add progressions to make it more difficult as your fitness level improves.  I love 20/10 for warm ups and then 60/30 to really bust it out.

For the 20/10 - max effort for 20 seconds with active recovery 10 seconds, I like to move from push ups, to V-Ups to Squats with Heel raise.  The key is maximum effort without compromising form.

For the 60/30 - Max effort for 60 seconds with 30 seconds to recover, I like to use those big dynamic exercises that get the heart pumping:  Burpees, Samurai Squat Jumps, Pop ups, Speed Skaters, Mountain Climbers, Army Crawl, Lunge Jumps, Push up variations, V-Up variations, etc.

We did a 90-90-60 Tabata workout at The Dojo this past Thursday and it was so much fun and everyone was drenched in sweat....everyone brought it and totally kicked butt.

You can download the Tabata Timer for your iPhone in the Apps section. 

Try it out! 

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