Thursday, December 22, 2011


I am a huge fan of TRX ~ Love the idea of body weight and suspension training exercises.  I love that TRX can be done anywhere that you can mount the suspension trainer...that means that I can always take my door anchor and pack it in a suitcase and be able to workout anywhere at any time!

I have injuries ~ yep, it sucks, but I have them.  I have wrist injuries that will prevent me from every being a Crossfitter or from performing a handstand in Yoga (which really saddens me I must say).  I have also dislocated each of my shoulders a few times, so coupled with my wrist issues, I can't do unassisted pull-ups or chin-ups....which again, saddens me as I love how strong the back becomes when these exercises are added to the workout.

My injuries are why I love TRX most, why I can achieve the same results as pull-ups with TRX without worry of my wrists and shoulders.   TRX is adaptable for all fitness levels and can be modified to accomodate physical limitations due to injuries, age or mobility issues.  TRX is also so amazing at increasing ROM (range of motion) because you work against your own body weight to move into stretches and exercises that might be incredibly challenging outside of TRX.

I am so incredibly fortunate that I get to bring this fantastic to members and to create new and innovative workouts that will increase strength, flexibility and endurance. 

If you haven't tried TRX yet, get to a class! 
TRX Training

Want to take a TRX Class with me?  I will be teaching TRX @ The Dojo starting in January.
The Dojo (San Anselmo)

Ping me to find out more!

Happy Holidays Everyone ~ Keep it healthy, Keep on Moving and Keep it Happy!
~ Amy

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